Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar interview at Cannes Film Festival

Multi-award-winning Director Arun Kumar began his career in 1993 making documentaries for Channel 4 including The Search for Kurtz and Bengali Backlash. His controversial and critically acclaimed film Executions was Europe’s biggest selling video in 1995. 
His critically acclaimed short film Looters (2002) won the jury special award in Termoli, Italy, Memorable award in Thessaloniki, Greece and was short listed for a BBC talent award. Arun’s second short film Eating Out (2004) won the bronze medal at the 2004 Westfest in Texas and awards for directing and screenplay in the 0110 Film Festival in India. 
Arun directed his first feature film The Truck of Dreams from his own script for Sahara Motion Pictures in August 2005. This won the World Cinema Award in the 2006 Washington DC International Film Festival. 
Arun took over as Director on the UK gangster movie The Big I Am ’starring Leo Gregory, Michael Madsen, Vincent Regan and Steven Berkoff in 2008 after the original director was fired for going over budget and over schedule. Arun delivered the movie on schedule and under budget. Distributed theatrically by E-One it has become a global commercial success. 
Arun is scheduled to shoot the feature film Mafeking in 2024. Other feature films in development include Far Out Far In, The Bravehearts, Dr Swapher, Patient Soldier and Macalla. Arun is also developing the TV drama series Joba Jela, Backbone, Truman, Sundown, The Ravenmaster and Gatekeepers. He is scheduled to shoot the pilot episode of the series Joba Jela in September 2023. 
Arun Kumar has been producing for the past 25 years. He has produced documentaries for TV, best selling videos and award- winning films. 
He has recently completed the feature film screenplay Patient Soldier and is currently writing the screenplay for Macalla.