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Macalla Feature Film Magical realist heist thriller based on true events. Writers: Don Eales & Arun Kumar Created by: Arun Kumar / Pól Ó Géibheannaigh / Don Eales Director: Arun Kumar Development - script is currently being written. An Irish woman's hostage ordeal, a mischievous sprite who’s lost his laugh and the biggest bank heist in Britsh & Irish history combine to bring peace to an age old conflict. Treatment and Pitch Deck available on request.
Death Penalty
Death Penalty Short Film / Proof of concept for a scripted series. Thriller Death Penalty is a dark journey into the world of modern day slavery, which highlights the plight and desperation of refugees: those who have nothing to lose and everything to play for.. Writer: Steve Edwards Director: Arun Kumar Producer: Mace Richards Executive Producer: Hiren Kothari When a conscientious ex-child soldier accepts the offer of a trial at Chelsea Football Club, he thinks that all of his dreams have come true. But when he finds himself imprisoned in a cruel, barbaric, underground penalty shoot-out contest, he must resort to the violence he hates, to stay alive. Script / Budget and Pitch Deck available on request.
The Truck of Dreams
Finding The Truck of Dreams Feature Documentary Writer: Arun Kumar Director: Arun Kumar Producers: Roger Eaton & Arun Kumar Executive Producer: Hiren Kothari Arun Kumar has one quest,to retain the ownership of his award winning film “The Truck of Dreams” In August 2006 The Truck of Dreams was awarded the World Cinema Award for Best Feature Film at the Washington International Film Festival after a sell out screening which had the audience applauding on their feet. That was the last time the film would be screened or in fact seen by anyone including the Director. I am Arun Kumar the director of the film and to this day I haven’t been able to get a copy of my film from the studio that financed it or the company that produced it. This feature documentary will follow my journey into the heart of Bollywood to get my film back Treatment / Budget and Pitch Deck available on request.
Turkish Delights
Turkish delights Feature Film Action Thriller / Suspense Writer: Virginie Bonfils-Bedos Created by: Virginie Bonfils-Bedos / Peter Salvage / Arun Kumar Producers: Peter Salvage / Arun Kumar / Serhan Nasirli Director: Arun Kumar When an antique expert agrees to organise the illegal sale of a rare historic necklace in Istanbul, he unknowingly triggers a power play between its two leading criminal families and must then rely on his wits and new found allies to escape the ensuing death sentence. Screenplay / Working Budget / Pitch Deck / Shot-list schedule all available on request.
The Bravehearts
The Bravehearts Feature Film Comedy Drama. Writer: Marc Pye Producers: Sven O. Ebeling / Peter Salvage / Arun Kumar Director: Arun Kumar A bittersweet, heart-warming, comedy-drama, an underdog story of two families…one given a second chance…the other given the chance of a lifetime. Screenplay / Pitch Deck / Working Budget all available on request.
Wannabe Traveller
Wannabe Traveller 6 x 35’ Continuing scripted series. Dramedy Writers: Nick Zabierek & Jan Thomas Director + Producer: Arun Kumar Wannabe traveller is a half hour mainstream six-episode scripted dramedy series, aimed at teenagers and adults aged 18- 40. Set in the city of Swansea, Wales, the story follows the adventures or lack thereof of wannabe traveller, Tim Grimshaw, and the people around him. All he wants to do is leave home and travel the world... but life has other plans. Bible / Treatment / Pilot + Episodes 2 & 3 scripts available on request.
Mafeking Feature Film Period action drama based on true events. Writer: Hamish Mcleod Created by: Hamish Mcleod / Earl Collins / Arun Kumar Producer: Sven Ebeling Director: Arun Kumar 1899, South Africa: fate throws B-P (Colonel Robert Baden-Powell), Lady Sarah Wilson and court translator Solomon Plaatje together to survive the Siege of Mafeking. Bitter battles rage, subversion thrives, rations run short as they face daily challenges to their Victorian values and their personal relationships. Screenplay / Working Budget / Income & Expenditure cash-flows / Pitch Deck / Shot-list schedule all available on request.
Underbelly 9 x 55’ Continuing scripted series. Revenge Thriller Writer: Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli Created by: Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli / Keshav Punj / Arun Kumar From an original story by Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli. Director: Arun Kumar Executive Producer: Keshav Punj A survivor of human trafficking, and two revengeful ex-lovers; emerge within a sex trade gang in Kolkata to settle old scores and survive against all odds. Bible / Full Episodic treatment / Short Pitch / Mood Reel / Pilot Script all available on request.
Dr Swapher
Dr. Swapher Feature Film Romcom Writer: Basil Hajjar Producers: Arun Kumar / Roger Eaton / Basil Hajjar Director: Arun Kumar Nicholas Swapher, a British heart surgeon gets his heart broken and is dragged to India by his ex-girl friend where he steals the heart of an Indian princess at her wedding to a homicidal maniac wanted for war crimes. Screenplay / Working Budget / Income & Expenditure cash-flows / Pitch Deck / Mood Reel / Shot-list schedule all available on request.
Far Out Far In
Far Out Far In Feature Film with associated sound-track and spin-off scripted series. Musical Thriller based on true events. Writer: Michael Scott Producers: Sven O. Ebeling / Arun Kumar / Roger Eaton Director: Arun Kumar This is a dreamlike soundscape which takes the audience on a trip back to the origins of Acid House via the story of those who fuelled that generation. Four modern day heroes dance their way into an earthly paradise, making friends and enemies in high places along the way. Screenplay / Working Budget / Income & Expenditure cash-flows / Pitch Deck / Mood Reel / Look Book / Shot-list schedule all available on request.
Truman 6 x 50’ Continuing scripted series. Action thriller based on true events. Writer: James Harrington Created by: James Harrington / Peter Warren / Arun Kumar From an original true story by Peter Warren. Director + Producer: Arun Kumar Investigative journalist Guy Truman avenges his stolen childhood by uncovering a cyber bank heist and sinister corruption at the heart of the establishment. Bible / Full Episodic treatment / Short Pitch / Pilot + Episodes 2, 3 & 4 scripts all available on request.
Gatekeepers 8 x 50’ Continuing scripted series. Sci-fi / Mystery / Fantasy Based on the series of novels by Virginie Bonfils-Bedos Writer: Virginie Bonfils-Bedos Director + Producer: Arun Kumar When their home becomes shrouded in a mysterious Fog providing an opening to an uncharted new world, four housemates embark on an adventure beyond their most surreal dreams, unaware that it places them at the epicentre of danger. On both sides of the fog, the friends face a whole new world. On both sides, nothing is as it seems. Bible / Full Episodic treatment / Short Pitch / Mood Reel / Pilot + Episode 2scripts all available on request.
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