About Soma Films
Soma Films Ltd is a UK based production company that has been producing commercial yet distinctive motion pictures since its inception in 1996. The company was formed by multi-award-winning Director + Producer Arun Kumar.
Over the past 25 years Soma Films Ltd has produced documentaries, music videos and was responsible for the production on two feature films.

The Truck of Dreams is a charming, rite of passage, ethereal drama set in India. Financed by an Indian movie studio (Sahara Motion Pictures), it won the World Cinema Award for Best Feature Film at the 2005 Washington Film Festival in Washington USA.
The Big I Am is a commercial British gangster thriller set in London. It was financed by City of London-based oil and gas traders. The original director and producer were fired halfway through the production for going over budget and over schedule and the production was halted. The financiers brought Arun Kumar in to direct the movie and complete the production with his own team. The film was delivered to the revised budget and schedule and it has been distributed globally by E-One. 
Soma Films Ltd has a slate of feature film projects in development with budgets ranging from £1.5M / $1.9M to £22M / $27M +. 
Soma Films Ltd is also developing scripted drama series currently under consideration by global streamers, broadcasters & studios.
Soma Films Ltd has close relationships with Los Angeles - based West Coast Pictures (http://www.west-coast-pictures.com/index0.html) headed by academy-award-winning producer Sven Ebeling
 with Prive London (https://galleryprive.com) headed by Hiren Kothari and with Ola Solanke based in London