Extreme tantric sects, who ritually practice both cannibalism and child sacrifice are amongst the strangest and most esoteric sects of the modern day. From this sinister and secretive world comes SATISH, a young man on the run from the strangling traditions that bind him. He escapes the dangerous cult of his childhood, and makes a new life for himself in England, where he meets and marries BELLA who falls pregnant with his child. The birth of their son ASH brings with it both terror and joy, as by right, as the first-born son, he should be offered to the vociferous deity Kali. When word reaches the sect of this sacred child, they send Satish’s own brother ROHIT, an educated, but dedicated initiate to exact revenge and reclaim the child as their own. In a brutal ritual, that leaves DETECTIVE LARA CARTWRIGHT baffled, Satish is mutilated and murdered. 2 years layer a devastated Bella has rebuilt her life, only to meet the Rohit, who becomes her lover and her friend. The cunning Rohit frames Bella for the fictitious murder of her son, while secretly returning with ASH to India. As Bella disintegrates under the overwhelming loss, she discovers tantalising links between Rohit, Satish and the extremist Tantric cult, the Aghori’s. As the prime suspect in her son’s disappearance, she goes on the run, where as a fugitive in India, she searches for her son against seemingly impossible odds. Meanwhile her friend, DT Lara Cartwright, convinced of her innocence, desperately searches for the truth. As her investigation reaches its climax she uncovers not Satish’s real killer, but that both Bella and Ash are in grave and terrible danger. 

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